How can we help you?

Our company is composed of young, highly motivated people who process each request with enthusiasm and professionalism. We work as a team, from the project through to the final proposal, supply and installation, all guaranteed by our brand. Mondo Pavimenti operates as a general contractor in the field of floor and wall coverings of any kind, for customers and designers who require a single, top quality and reliable point of contact.

What do we think?

Mondo Pavimenti

Here are some of the things our team members say about us:

  • Good enough is never enough when the goal is excellence.

  • You reap the greatest rewards and feel the highest sense of achievement and happiness when you are totally committed and put all your time, energy and strength into something.
  • When people share a common goal, they can achieve the impossible.
  • We get excited by much more than just floors.

Our markets


you can view our full range of products at our showroom in via Anelli 52 in Casalmorano (CR), Italy. We are examining new distributors in Italy to connect more closely with our customers. For major projects, we set up temporary showrooms on the building site, the same stylish structures we use for our trade fair stands, where we can accommodate customers for their selections. If there is no room for these temporary showrooms on the building site, we set up an appropriately-sized store near the building site. Transport is guaranteed nationwide through agreements with national carriers.

Made in Italy quality

We have always believed that in our field – like in many others – the quality and tasteful style of Italian design are hallmarks in the world. This is why we use carefully selected Italian products set up for a range of intended uses.

Research and Development

Our company is bucking the market trend by growing at an impressive rate and it’s all thanks to our research and development in new fields and products. We have always been committed to researching new products and designs so we can stand out in the market. Our researchers, design offices and chemical laboratories all work together to turn out our product listings, based on concept specifications, which range from aesthetics to durability and crafting a product that is exactly what we had in mind. After laboratory testing, they are used on our building sites with customers who have always helped us test our products, then they are added to our catalogue and distributed to all our customers.