Stoneware for swimming pools

Ceramica per piscine

Creating water

The Mondo Pavimenti mission is to build swimming pools and to do it well. Large swimming facilities, spa centres, water parks and private swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular and they have turned from major architectural achievements into social meeting places to make the most of. The expert team at Mondo Pavimenti focuses on research into materials, on analysing project-related critical areas and on applying high-tech solutions, bringing together their wealth of experience in the field with their engineering know-how.

Creare l’acqua

Antibacterial protection 99,9%

In traditional swimming pools, but also in modern spa centres, removing surface bacteria is a great added value to combat mould, yeast and fungi. Mondo Pavimenti researched antibacterial products and came up with a treatment that can kill 99.9% of the four main bacterial strains. This special treatment also works without light and improves its performance in wet environments and can be used in all formats and surfaces, on most of the special pieces and on the full range of Mondo Pavimenti products.

Trattamento antibatterico al 99,9%

Safety and slip-resistance standards

The presence of dry, wet or completely submerged surfaces makes it essential to use specific slip-resistant materials. Our whole product range includes different types of surfaces that can be used in different environments to avoid the risk of falling. Glazed and unglazed porcelain ceramic tiles, therefore, have a reliable slip-resistance rating and are easy to clean and keep sanitised. The German standard DIN 51097 and the more recent French standard XP P 05-010 are the most appropriate standards for testing slip resistance in bare feet. Where there are generally wet areas and surfaces it is also very important to assess drainage of floors to avoid useless water pooling and to prevent aquaplaning. The specifications of standard DIN 51130 cover both shod slip-resistance and the drainage coefficient “V” or displacement volume of ceramic surfaces. These two standards also call for a classification of the different types of areas covered by the slip-resistance values.

Glazed porcelain stoneware tiles

Mondo Pavimenti combines the technical values of porcelain stoneware with the aesthetic uniqueness and proposed colours of ceramic glazes. Designed for pool tanks and also suitable for walls in general.

Sicurezza e norme antiscivolo
Sicurezza e norme antiscivolo

Unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles

Unglazed, through-body coloured porcelain and completely vitrified stoneware. This product range is more resistant to physical, mechanic and chemical stress, and with appropriate surface finishes, it is suitable for all indoor and outdoor flooring of pool environments. The different slip-resistant surfaces are all made by profiling the material itself to ensure that the original slip-resistance coefficients last over time.

Supplementary products

The extensive Mondo Pavimenti range includes many different products suitable for floors and walls in swimming pool environments, such as changing areas, showers, sundeck or other areas that may present a slipping hazard.
  The selection of wall coverings includes the 20x20 cm size to offer a variety of colours and/or surfaces for the specific pool range. For other floors that do not require slip-resistance specifications, see the extensive range in the general catalogue of Mondo Pavimenti.

Porcelain stoneware for Wellness & SPA

As natural as water

Wellness areas and SPAs are places designed to elicit pure emotions and stimulate the senses; so the materials used in the wall and floor coverings are the preferred, selected tools used to craft welcoming, comfortable spaces where water plays the lead role in both energy input and relaxation. Mondo Pavimenti has developed a selection of porcelain stoneware products with natural surfaces, tactile materials, attractive chromatics and excellent technical performance to stand up to the constant contact with water and the natural humidity that goes with comfort and wellness in these areas, alongside safety and durability. A strong union between technology and contemporary aesthetic that makes the most of the investments and architectural projects in the wellness industry.

Ceramiche per Wellness e SPA
Ceramiche per Wellness e SPA

Native stones

The result of state-of-the-art production technology that delivers high performance and lots of possible mixing and matching, the surface finish deliberately features tiles with a number of different colours and exciting 3D effects so that no tile is the same, just like in nature. So all colours in these formats can be used on the walls and in dry and wet areas. When matched with mosaics, trims, decorations and special finishes, they are suitable for the floors and walls of leisure and private spas, outdoor pools, sundecks, changing rooms and other areas. They are resistant to bending, scratching, chemicals and temperature changes, so they are intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Ceramiche per Wellness e SPA

The surface of porcelain stoneware is slightly rough, inspired by the rarest, most valuable natural stones, faithfully reproducing their surfaces, marbling and colours. It comes in five formats and eight colours in shades that bring out the product’s material. With two natural and slip-resistant finishes that make the floor safe even walking barefoot, they complete the mosaics, decorations and special trims for floor and wall coverings of pools, SPAs and indoor and outdoor pool surrounds.

Glass mosaic

The glass mosaic product line of Mondo Pavimenti completes the range of products for swimming pools with the classic functional and aesthetic solutions of mosaic tiles. The small 2x2 cm mosaic tiles can be used to cover curved surfaces, corners, edges and all different shapes in and around the pool. The Mondo Pavimenti product line includes monochrome mosaic tiles and mixed mosaic tiles in different colours. The 3 mm thick mosaic tile is light and easy to lay on horizontal and vertical surfaces..

Ceramiche per Wellness e SPA
Ceramiche per Wellness e SPA

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